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Color your strengths with the Power Words 2020 deck from artist Dalaine Bartelme. These words with accompanying images will help you explore what makes you strong of mind and spirit! This deck was created especially for young girls, but their themes are universal. A portion of the sales price for this deck will support Girls in the Spotlight.


Girls in the Spotlight is a Fort Collins, Colorado based 501c3 dedicated to helping girls find their voice. They do this through creative and performing arts, leadership and entrepreneurship. They started after school programs in 2019 for 3-5th grade girls with their mission of inspiring and empowering girls to become world-class leaders. They're growing in Fort Collins due to their supportive community and are so thrilled to partner with the COLORpockit team. They introduced COLORpockits this year and there's no going back! The girls (and coaches!) love them and are now creating their own designs comprised of POWER words,images or both. We hope people of all ages enjoy the decks designed by Girls in the Spotlight for COLORpockit as well as decks designed by girls that will be available from time to time.

ColoringDeck GITSL Power Words 2020

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