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About Us

Hello, my name is Dalaine Bartelme!


I’m excited to share with you the story of how COLORpockit came to be. In February of 2016, I was having lunch in a restaurant with my family when I wished out loud that I wanted a way to make adult coloring portable, so that whenever I had an extra few minutes, I could pull a small coloring “kit” out of my purse and have everything I needed. Having plenty of colored pencils was important to me, as well as a built-in pencil sharpener. My husband said he liked the idea, and asked if coloring on cards would be better than a small book? I LOVED that idea and immediately said that if the cards were 4’ x 6’ then they could be placed in a photo album or frame once they were completed, and we mused that it would be fun if the backs of the cards were postcards so they could be mailed to family and friends as well. That was the day that COLORpockit became an idea that blossomed into a passion.

With the help of Brain Dragons, specialists in R&D and product design, we began to iterate on the initial COLORpockit vision. The Brain Dragons team, including my husband Mike and Neil Crawford, worked and re-worked every detail of the COLORpockit design until we found the perfect shape, size and materials. For over two years, I carried various prototypes around in my purse, seeing how well each version worked, or didn’t work. We’re so happy and proud to be able to finally share our products with fellow coloring enthusiasts. COLORpockit is made right here in the U.S.A. of food-grade plastic and is Patent Pending.

When it came to the artwork for our coloring cards, I wanted to make sure that our art was created by artists both freehand and computer drawn in ways that fit our format.  I wanted our artists to be partners in our success and share in the profit from the sales of their work.  Encouraging artists to approach us with ideas for new coloring decks will be a priority so our customers will always have a new supply of fun subjects to color.

I knew that I wanted COLORpockit to have some kind of a mascot, who would embody the fun and relaxation that we want to share with our customers. After a couple of funny attempts, Mike came up with the sloth, who I named Serenity. She will be there to encourage all of us to slow down, unplug and enjoy the benefits of coloring. We’d like to welcome you to the COLORpockit family and the realization of my dream.

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