Meet the Colorpockit Artists

Every Colorpockit Coloring Deck is designed by a real person! Meet our current artists below and come back often to meet the new artists we will be adding on a regular basis. If you would like to be a Colorpockit artist, contact us and let us know! We promote our artists and they get paid for each deck sold!

The Alchemist

Alchemy is a lifestyle brand that was established in England back in 1977. They design, manufacture and distribute jewelry and giftware for the alternative market and are considered World leaders in their industry. They also manufacture and distribute officially licensed band merchandise for bands such as ACDC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Metallica and many more.

Over the years they have built up a huge art portfolio of over 500 pieces of totally unique, endearing and distinct artwork, they would love to share some of it with you so that you can create your own Alchemy...

Hayley Anise

Hayley is a true Colorado Native. With the mountains deeply rooted in her childhood she began to develop an artistic style that embodied natures organic characteristics. She later went on to study Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design where she grew a love for style and the feminine form.


Her work engulfs the essence of Mother Earth intertwined with the female spirit creating a balance of natural beauty and raw emotion.

Jonathan Applegate

Local Denver Artist Creates oneLINE Style

Jonathan Applegate is a Colorado native living in Denver. He is co-owner of Future Drawn oneLINE Gallery which features his unique talent and one of a kind oneLINE style of painting and drawing.


Jonathan has been influenced throughout the years by circuit boards, cave paintings and stacks. He has traveled the world, and allowed his experience and interests to influence his art.

J.L. Barnes

J. L. Barnes (often known as @FishWithATopHat online) is a Colorado Springs-based multimedia artist. On Twitter and Instagram, she often enjoys being mistaken for a guy because of her ramblings on horror movies, video games, and tabletop roleplaying. Offline, she draws all kinds of things, ranging from the inanely cute to the slightly creepy.

Dalaine Bartelme

I always enjoyed drawing as a kid. In my adult life, I have had several careers including police officer, stay-at-home mom and most recently, home stager. When I started developing the concept for Colorpockit, I didn’t know any artists to draw the cards, so I started creating them myself. It has been very rewarding to rediscover the joys of drawing. I hope that everyone coloring one of my cards enjoys it as much as I enjoyed drawing them for you.  In my free time, I do yoga, dance, and figure skate.

Mike Bartelme

My educational background is in art, design and human factors engineering.  I use these skills to develop new products in the medical field.  Designing Colorpockit was an opportunity to try something new, and creating the coloring decks took me back to my art school roots.  When I'm not working, I enjoy playing volleyball, figure skating and making music in my basement.  

Arpita Choudhury

I am a lapsed marine biologist and an unrepentant doodler. I am particularly fond of illustrating the more unusual members of the animal kingdom as well as ecological and conservation issues. 


I strive to show nature in all its’ diversity and brilliance. I also focus on the connection between science communication and the visual arts. I am interested in the different strategies plants and animals use to adapt and thrive as well as their role in the ecosystem in which they inhabit.

Bob Giordano

Bob Giordano was born and raised in New York City. As a child he spent many days drawing and painting with his father, Joseph Giordano, founder of Giordano Studios. Time was spent field sketching at New York City's zoos as well as at the Museum of Natural History. Having this fondness for the natural world, these venues inspired his love of nature. Whether it was hiking in the Catskills or venturing the coast of Long Island, he absorbed all that nature brings. An avid fisherman, he spends many hours out on Long Island Sound pursuing local fish and wildlife. 

Leah Houtman

 I grew up in the small artist community of Saugatuck, Michigan. I moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa where I graduated from Cornell College with degrees in English and Spanish. I love spending time in nature and walking. Hobbies include drawing, writing, and playing games.

Mary Lu Lovett

My “Do It Yourself” mom, who was a master quilter and fine crafts person, influenced my early years. I grew up and went to college in Western New York State. My art education degree landed me a job in Colorado. I have been creating since the early seventies. I consider myself a “folksy expressionist” influenced by my love of people, the great outdoors, and all things metaphysical. May the experience of coloring take you inward to a quiet place.

Chris Radliff

I am an entrepreneur, designer and photographer living in northern Colorado. I have a diverse background from advertising to educational publishing to non-profit administration, working largely these days to help entrepreneurs start sustainable businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my Colorpockit designs, I hope you enjoy making them your own!

Imani Samuel

South Dakota born, Fort Collins raised! Imani is a local Fort Collins artist who has a passion for watercolor and gouache painting! Her favorite subjects are that of the whimsical. She loves creating beautiful and interesting characters, and is primarily inspired by her favorite animes and cartoons. She has participated in various zines, art shows, and has been attending local comic cons for the past 5 years! 


When she's not painting, you can catch her trying out the newest eatery, playing a video game, shopping, watching a movie or catching up on her reading! 



I love whimsical designs and playful days hiking or camping with family and friends.  With my Master of Art Education certified in teaching Kindergarten through Twelfth grade over 25 years, I enjoyed teaching, Regular art education,  Core knowledge art education and being a Certified Zentangle Teacher. ( CZT, with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas at )  My passion to encourage people to learn to lead me to be the Art Director with Putnam's Hand on Children's Museum  in Carmel New York, and to write and illustrate children book. along with teaching and mentoring private students.  I am now excited to join the team of illustrators with colorpockit.

Kirk Stirnweis

I work mostly in oil paint; However, I also enjoy ink drawings, Ceramics and Bronze sculpture. My style ranges from realistic to whimsical cartoons; it is important to me to have fun with the creative process. I worked as a commercial illustrator right out of high school in New York City for a time with clients like: National Wildlife Federation, Field & Stream Magazine, and Harlequin Romance Novels, as well as, painting portraits for corporate professionals for several years. Eventually, my career evolved into gallery work, primarily painting American Western historical scenes of Native Americans, Mountain Men, Cavalry and Wildlife.

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