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Meet the Colorpockit Artists

Every Colorpockit Coloring Deck is designed by a real person! Meet our current artists below and come back often to meet the new artists we will be adding on a regular basis. If you would like to be a Colorpockit artist, contact us and let us know! We promote our artists and they get paid for each deck sold!


The Alchemist

Alchemy is a lifestyle brand that was established in England back in 1977. They design, manufacture and distribute jewelry and giftware for the alternative market and are considered World leaders in their industry. They also manufacture and distribute officially licensed band merchandise for bands such as ACDC, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Metallica and many more.

Over the years they have built up a huge art portfolio of over 500 pieces of totally unique, endearing and distinct artwork, they would love to share some of it with you so that you can create your own Alchemy...

Hayley Anise

Hayley is a true Colorado Native. With the mountains deeply rooted in her childhood she began to develop an artistic style that embodied natures organic characteristics. She later went on to study Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design where she grew a love for style and the feminine form.


Her work engulfs the essence of Mother Earth intertwined with the female spirit creating a balance of natural beauty and raw emotion.


Jonathan Applegate

Local Denver Artist Creates oneLINE Style

Jonathan Applegate is a Colorado native living in Denver. He is co-owner of Future Drawn oneLINE Gallery which features his unique talent and one of a kind oneLINE style of painting and drawing.


Jonathan has been influenced throughout the years by circuit boards, cave paintings and stacks. He has traveled the world, and allowed his experience and interests to influence his art.


Ana Araujo

I'm a native Northern California girl! I have been crafting my entire life. As a 25-year veteran of the craft industry, my designs have been featured in numerous publications and on a number of television shows. I have authored four craft/sewing books.


I got my start in the craft industry designing art rubber stamps. From there, I  appeared as a guest designer on Home Shopping Network (HSN) and as a regular television guest designer on HGTV’s Carol Duvall Show, as well as other popular crafting TV shows.

I produced weekly episodes of When Creativity Knocks. I was the on air Host/Expert Designer and the show’s Executive Producer.

Instagram: craftyana


J.L. Barnes

J. L. Barnes (often known as @FishWithATopHat online) is a Colorado Springs-based multimedia artist. On Twitter and Instagram, she often enjoys being mistaken for a guy because of her ramblings on horror movies, video games, and tabletop roleplaying. Offline, she draws all kinds of things, ranging from the inanely cute to the slightly creepy.


Dalaine Bartelme

I always enjoyed drawing as a kid. In my adult life, I have had several careers including police officer, stay-at-home mom and most recently, home stager. When I started developing the concept for Colorpockit, I didn’t know any artists to draw the cards, so I started creating them myself. It has been very rewarding to rediscover the joys of drawing. I hope that everyone coloring one of my cards enjoys it as much as I enjoyed drawing them for you.  In my free time, I do yoga, dance, and figure skate.


Mike Bartelme

My educational background is in art, design and human factors engineering.  I use these skills to develop new products in the medical field.  Designing Colorpockit was an opportunity to try something new, and creating the coloring decks took me back to my art school roots.  When I'm not working, I enjoy playing volleyball, figure skating and making music in my basement.  

dani bondurant head shot.png

Dani Bondurant

Hi there! I’m Dani, a Colorado-based lettering artist and illustrator. Since 2015, I've been designing products with a whimsical spirit and a simple objective: to offer fun, easy ways to spread kindness, joy, and positivity. Through playful designs and sweet charm, I aim to make the world a little bit happier every single day. When I’m not creating art, I enjoy traveling with my family, reading, and spending time with friends!

dani bondurant additional pic.png
Arpita Logo.jpg

Arpita Choudhury

Hello! My name is Arpita Choudhury and I am a freelance illustrator living in colorful Colorado! Nature is my primary inspiration for my artwork. I enjoy creating conceptual work that makes the viewer think outside of the box. I also like to incorporate anecdotes from my daily life, particularly time spent with my daughter, into my work. In my free time I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible.


Girls in the Spotlight

Girls in the Spotlight is a Fort Collins, Colorado based 501c3 dedicated to helping girls find their voice. We do this through creative and performing arts, leadership and entrepreneurship. We started after school programs in 2019 for 3-5th grade girls with our mission of inspiring and empowering girls to become world-class leaders.


We're growing in Fort Collins due to our supportive community and are so thrilled to partner with the COLORpockit team.


We introduced COLORpockits this year and there's no going back! The girls (and coaches!) love them and are now creating their own designs comprised of POWER words, images or both. We hope people of all ages enjoy the decks designed for Girls in the Spotlight by COLORpockit as well as decks design by girls that will be available from time to time.


Bob Giordano

Bob Giordano was born and raised in New York City. As a child he spent many days drawing and painting with his father, Joseph Giordano, founder of Giordano Studios. Time was spent field sketching at New York City's zoos as well as at the Museum of Natural History. Having this fondness for the natural world, these venues inspired his love of nature. Whether it was hiking in the Catskills or venturing the coast of Long Island, he absorbed all that nature brings. An avid fisherman, he spends many hours out on Long Island Sound pursuing local fish and wildlife. 

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Kristina Grauvogl

Hi! My name is Kris. I have been living and loving Colorado since 2013 with my family. We follow the quote “Not all that wander are lost” in our family. We love to explore, create, love and try new things.


Painting and color are my jam! I am so excited to get to turn some of my fun and whimsical paintings and drawings into some coloring pieces for all of you! It’s such a fun way to get to look at art and then you get to add the color Fun!


I recently have started helping my 9 year old son, Teagan, in starting his own business. Some of the ideas are our ideas and maybe in the near future you will get to see a coloring packet of some of his amazing dragon drawings. Ya never know...


Happy Coloring!



Harrison_Second image.jpeg

Harrison Hand

I am a multi-passionate artist who’s combined being an author, illustrator, filmmaker, actor, and hairstylist to create the DragonStone Story-verse. My coloring cards come from that fantasy/fiction realm. The Braids and Blossoms deck, for example, is based on “SkyWater Bridge: Benjanardo’s Magical Mystical braid Book”


You can learn more about (and even support) the DragonStone mission of inspiring a new generation of heroes with strength of character, courage of heart, and compassion for those mistreated at


Leah Houtman

 I grew up in the small artist community of Saugatuck, Michigan. I moved to Mount Vernon, Iowa where I graduated from Cornell College with degrees in English and Spanish. I love spending time in nature and walking. Hobbies include drawing, writing, and playing games.


Mary Lu Lovett

My “Do It Yourself” mom, who was a master quilter and fine crafts person, influenced my early years. I grew up and went to college in Western New York State. My art education degree landed me a job in Colorado. I have been creating since the early seventies. I consider myself a “folksy expressionist” influenced by my love of people, the great outdoors, and all things metaphysical. May the experience of coloring take you inward to a quiet place.


Amy Pooker

Amy C. Pooker was born in Minot, North Dakota, and moved often throughout her childhood. Amy now resides in Springfield, Missouri and works as an artist and crafter. In addition to the items created for Colorpockit, Amy creates pillow shams, tea towels, cosmetic bags, and custom designs to be colored on. Amy also teaches freelance acrylic painting classes and craft classes.

Amy’s educational background includes studies in theatre, art, and clothing and textiles. Amy is also a Missouri State licensed nail technician.


Amy is married to Jason Pooker, a chef.  When they are not working, they enjoy traveling, and watching St. Louis Cardinals Baseball. In addition, Amy spends much time reading, singing along to musical theatre soundtracks, and coloring. 


Chris Radliff

I am an entrepreneur, designer and photographer living in northern Colorado. I have a diverse background from advertising to educational publishing to non-profit administration, working largely these days to help entrepreneurs start sustainable businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed creating my Colorpockit designs, I hope you enjoy making them your own!


Imani Samuel

South Dakota born, Fort Collins raised! Imani is a local Fort Collins artist who has a passion for watercolor and gouache painting! Her favorite subjects are that of the whimsical. She loves creating beautiful and interesting characters, and is primarily inspired by her favorite animes and cartoons. She has participated in various zines, art shows, and has been attending local comic cons for the past 5 years! 


When she's not painting, you can catch her trying out the newest eatery, playing a video game, shopping, watching a movie or catching up on her reading! 

Lisa Shafer 02.jpeg

Lisa Shafer

Hi everyone! I'm Lisa; I reside in northeast Pennsylvania, USA, along with my loving husband of fifteen years, my adorable ten year old son, and my cherished shichon puppy, Daisey.


Although i live in a multi season climate, I have always had a passion for warm, tropical locations and scenery.


My original creative outlet started in the bakery and has since transitioned to multiple art forms including drawing, painting and crocheting.


My preferred style is enchanting, tropical fantasies, which are reflected in my decks. I am excited to share my visions of magical adventures with you all.


Check out all my designs on my instagram page @lisashafer40

Lisa Shafer 01.jpeg
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