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Colorpockit is a Colorado company that provides portable, durable, plastic coloring kits, complete with 4x6 coloring cards, colored pencils and a built-in sharpener. Colorpockit’s on-the-go coloring kits empower artists of all ages — from children to seniors — to enjoy the benefits of coloring from anywhere in the world.

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Colorpockit’s decks can be used as a learning tool or simply for fun and relaxation. A collaboration with the global art community, Colorpockit works with artists who earn a commission of each sale on art decks they create.

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COLORpockit kits, our library of over 70 coloring card decks, and COLORpockit accessories including storage bags, colored pencils and a Lil Serenity plush sloth are available individually or in custom bundles created just for your customers.


COLORpockit makes a great gift and motivates repeat customers with accessories and an ever-expanding library to color.

Colorpockit kits and decks are made in the USA, and supported by a vibrant online community!

Contact us for our current line sheet, more information, or to place an order.

Thank you for contacting COLORpockit - we will be in touch within 48 hours.

COLORpockit is also available to order on!

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